Bhai Mani Singh Shahid's, Sikhan Di Bhagatmala (18th cen) mentions Guru Arjan hunting along with many stories describing warriors asking the Guru for guidance. In the story (Sakhi) below a Sikh of Guru Arjan asks how to obtain liberation even though his job is in the military, focusing on the Divine as one who defeats demons. The Sakhi Begins: Adit Sueni came into the sanctuary of Guru Arjan Ji. *He asked* "For those of us who have strapped weapons on and right in war, how will we obtain liberation?" The command was made, "At the time of battle contemplate on the Great King *the Divine*, who adorned with a antler bow destroys the demons. Also fight for Dharam, those who pain the poor battle against them. Understand those who support you *who give you food, who's salt you eat* as the form of Paramesvar *the Divine*. You will this be victorious and your face will be brightened *you will be liberated *." Sikhan Di [[Bhagatmala]] (18th cen), page 311 S.S. Padam (2013 publication) ![[PXL_20221216_025417519~2.jpg]]