In Koer Singh's [[Gurbilas Patshahi Dasvi]] (1751), when Guru Gobind Singh announces that they will soon leave their body, Gurdit Singh asks the Guru what should the community do after they leave, to whose shawl *palla* shall they hold onto in this life? The Guru responds:⁣ ⁣ ਤਬ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਮੁਖ ਆਪ ਉਚਾਰ ਕੀਉ "ਅੰਗ ਸੰਗ ਸੁ ਸਿੱਖਨ ਮੈ ਨਿਜਕਾਵੈ" ॥⁣ Then from His Exalted Mouth they said, "I will remain amidst, close at hand, to all my Sikhs"⁣ ⁣ਗੁਰਬਿਲਾਸ ਪਾਤਿਸ਼ਾਹੀ 10 (1751), ਕ੍ਰਿਤ: ਕੁਇਰ ਸਿੰਘ, ਪਨਾ 262⁣ Gurbilas Patshahi 10 (1751), author: Koer Singh, page 262 [[Gurbilas]] ![[ang sang.png]]