Guru Nanak & Hanuman In Santokh Singh's Nanak Prakash (1823), it mentions how Guru Nanak, Mardana and Bala met with Hanuman in Sri Lanka, while taking the form of Raam (Guru Nanak), Sita (Mardana), and Lakshman (Bala). Hanuman stands up before Guru Nanak who then says: "Oh listen my Hanuman, The Divine pervades within all, when this is realized in the mind That I am merged within all, then you will never be separate from me." Guru Nanak instructs him to see the world in all its physical forms as Sita, with Raam pervading through it all. Hanuman even then requests the close company with Guru Nanak who says: "I forever reside wherever there is the performance of Kirtan & Katha" After the exchange Santokh Singh writes that Hanuman has a second form which attends and listens to all Kirtan & Katha programs. Reference: Nanak Prakash (1823), Uttarāradh, Chapter 18 [[Suraj]]