The passage below outlines the words spoken by Guru Gobind Singh when one of his wives, Mata Jito, passed away.⁣ ⁣ ਧਨ ਨਾਰੀ ਧਨ ਭਜਨ ਹੈ ਧਨ ਕਲਜੁਗ ਜਗਈਸ਼।⁣ "Blessed are Women! Blessed is devotional worship! Blessed is Kaliyuga, and the Master of the World! ⁣ ⁣ ਮਹਾਂ ਬਿਕਾਰੀ ਜੁਗ ਤਰੇ ਭਜਨ ਤਰਾਏ ਕੀਸ ।੩। ⁣ *In Kaliyuga* great sinners have been carried across *into salvation*, devotion has carried across the most vice ridden people.⁣ ⁣ . ਨਾਰੀ ਦਇਆ ਅਨੰਤ ਹੈ ਜਾਂ ਜਗੁ ਭੀਤਰ ਭਾਖਿ ।⁣ Women possess endless compassion, the whole world utters this truth. ⁣ ⁣ ਖਟ ਸ਼ਾਸਤ੍ਰ ਪੜ ਕਿਯਾ ਕਰੈ ਨਾਮ ਜਪਤਿ ਮਨ ਰਾਖਿ ।੪।⁣ What will reading the Six Shastras do? Ones mind is saved through the recitation of Naam." ⁣ ⁣ Gurpratap [[1843 Suraj Prakash/Suraj|Suraj]] Prakash Granth, author: the Great Poet Santokh Singh⁣ Rut 5, Chapter 20 ![[istari.png]]