Suraj Prakash, Raas 1 Chp 46, describes when Guru Amar Das took Sikhs on a pilgrimage to Kurukshetra. Upon reaching Jyotisar the Guru summarized the wisdom Krishna provided Arjuna: "Understand the connection with your body as illusionary, you are the detached vast eternal consciousness. Do not recognize yourself the doer and enjoyer, with your intellect see your True Self" The Guru relayed these teachings and then bathed in Jyotisar with the Sikh congregation before heading to Thanesar, where Guru Nanak famously recited, "Only idiots argue about meat, they know nothing of contemplation and wisdom" ([[Adi]] Guru Granth Sahib: 1289). [[Suraj]] ![[Pasted image 20231014214914.png]]