In this passage, Guru Nanak's composition (found in the Bhai Bhano recension of [[Adi Guru Granth Sahib/Adi]] Granth), speaks to the futility of conversation when both parties aren't receptive. In this dark age there are , how can I keep my honour? If I speak they'll say, "He just chats so much" If I remain silent they'll say, "His mind has no sense" If I stay seated they'll say, "He's sitting stubbornly" If I get up and leave they'll say, "He deceived us that's why he left" If I lower my head they'll say, "The devotee is scared!" There's no response or place to chill which causes release . Here and there oh Nanak, the Doer keeps honour. ![[FsAMwEdXwAEukON.jpeg]]