"In loading her matchlock the woman took aim Nabi Khan was hit right in the heart Fatally injured - he wasn't even able to cry out He was killed in his very own chariot" ![[sharpshooter1.jpeg]] Another excerpt from Chritaropakhyan, attributed to Guru Gobind Singh This brave sharpshooter woman killed the general of the army but lost her son and husband during the invasion of their fort. When she was alone, a Sheikh Sayyid wanted to claim her, her response: "My son and husband have died, first let me burn them first Then today I will go to your house & live with you". *verse 10* She burned her son and husband, then grabbed the Mughal tight Then she burned herself *along with the Mughal*, this was the woman's deception *verse 12* ![[sharpshooter2.jpeg]] A point to remember about this composition, the Chritaropakhyan, the fact that a deception was employed does not evoke a negative judgment upon her especially in this context where the essence of the chritar *story* is articulating the bravery and intellect of this woman. [[Dasam Guru Granth Sahib/Dasam]]