"Strapped" is used in modern slang to refer to someone who is carrying a weapon, and is very similar to term used for describing warriors of old in Sikh (and other martial texts): ਸਨੱਧਬਧ (sanadh-badh), which literally means, properly bound/tied up, in re: to their cumberband ![[strapped1.jpeg]] ਸਨੱਧਬਧ (sa, as a prefix meaning properly/well done, nadh and badh both mean tied up - this is a redundancy, a method that emphasizes and gives weight to the idea of both words. Together this is in reference to how weapons were strapped to one's body via a cumberband [ਕਮਰਕੱਸਾ] ![[strapped2.jpeg]] Fun fact: the English "Cumberband" term is just an English way of saying the Hindi ਕਮਰਬੰਦ (kamarband) & British officers began to wear it during the British Raj when they were exposed to this accessory in India. It quickly became a fashion accessory & its use today is widespread ![[cumberband.jpeg]]